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Hives outbreaks are a person’s worst nightmare, because they affect not only the body, but also a person’s self-confidence. The world population is affect at least once in a lifetime by this problem and the United Kingdom is no exception. As annoying and persistent hives might be, this problem has finally received an answer.

What is an allergic reaction?

Our immune systems are responsible for offering protections against harmful organisms such as viruses and bacteria. But there are cases when the immune system will react exaggeratedly to factors that are not actually a threat to us. As a consequence, an allergic reaction will occur, as our body will try to defend against the allergen. OxyHives will strengthen the immune system and regulate the immune response so allergy symptoms will be diminished and even prevented naturally.

Common allergy symptoms

Hives are only one symptom of allergic diseases. But the truth is that allergies can manifest in numerous different ways and statistics show that if you are allergic to a certain factor, there are more than 80% chances to develop another allergy in your lifespan. When you suffer from hives, skin rash or eczema, other allergic people might experience watery eyes, nasal congestion and scratchy throat.


But these are only the mildest forms of allergies. Severe allergic reactions can cause more serious issues such as wheezing, a general weakness, nausea, difficulty swallowing, swelling of the face, tongue or eyes and anxiety or fear. Some patients will experience heart palpitations, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness and even difficulty breathing, followed by unconsciousness. With a healthy diet and proper assistance any allergy can be kept under control. However, the causes of allergies play a major role and some people are forced to change their lifestyle because of their health problem.

Common causes of allergies

The thorough research of countless scientists remained without a response. Although there were numerous studies developed, researchers have failed to discover the exact cause of allergies. As far as we know this condition is written in our genes and if one of your family members has an allergy, chances are you suffer from one, too.

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However, in more the 90% of cases allergies appear because of factors such as insect bites, bee stings, pet dander, certain plants, some foods, medications and molds or pollen. Regardless of its cause, the symptoms can be kept under control with OxyHives, this powerful homeopathic treatment developed especially for allergic people.

What is OxyHives?

Oxyhives represents a natural homeopathic product which promises to alleviate the symptoms that walk hand in hand with hives and to solve this problem so that other negative effects will not appear. Hives damages not only the skin and the health, but also a person’s confidence. As a result, this product claims to save its users from the multiple disadvantages that come with this skin rash.

Judging from the reviews and opinions expressed via forums, it has become clear that hives is not a problem for amateurs, which is why so many products of this kind fail to deliver their promise. As it can be seen from Oxyhives’ official website, its manufacturers claim that they have found a way to diminish the pain, swelling and itching.

The team of experts behind Oxyhives has come up with a blend of 100% natural ingredients and put it in the form of a sublingual spray so that the formula can get immediately into the bloodstream. Most reviews show that relief is felt almost instantly, which gives a clear hint regarding the product’s effectiveness.

Reviews also emphasize the fact that Oxyhives is better than prescriptions and creams they used in the past and can relieve the annoying and unbearable symptoms, ameliorate pain and swelling and alleviate burning and itching immediately after the product has entered the bloodstream.

Oxyhives promises to diminish both the acute and chronic hives; while the former lasts approximately six weeks, the latter can stick to a person for decades. However, this does not prevent the product from delivering its results without compromising on quality.


OxyHives ingredients

The formula of this health product was developed after months of research and with respect to our ancestors’ wisdom. The natural ingredients included in its composition work together to diminish the allergic reaction and minimize the urticaria. These ingredients are Arnica Montana 6X, Apis Meliifica 200C, Lachesis 30C, Ichthyolum 6X, Mercurius Solubilis 200C, Hepar Suis 6X, Rhus Tox. 200C and Urtica Urens 200C. These components were used to obtain a tincture with Alcohol 20% v/v and purified water.

Because the ingredients will be delivered under tongue, the active ingredients will be assimilated directly into the blood system. OxyHives ingredients will be quickly transported to the problematic areas, to reduce the intensity of the hives and accelerate their healing. Soon after administering this homeopathic product the redness will be reduced, inflammation will be diminished and itching will be completely gone.

How does OxyHives work?

As mentioned above, Oxyhives contains 100% natural ingredients which claim to encourage the body’s own healing system. According to reviews and opinions expressed via forums, Oxyhives is also 100% safe and has no reported side effects or any type of toxicity.

This product contains Apis Mellifica, generally known as honey bee and its presence in the blend makes great sense since hives appear after a wasp or bee sting. This highly effective ingredient has been clinically proven to relieve redness, rashes, eruptions and swelling. However, it has other benefits, as well; ApisMellifica can soothe the burning, itching and the stinging pain.

Natural compounds

Arnica Montana is also an important ingredient thanks to the fact that it has the power to calm down the pain and the inflammation of soft tissue. Hepar decreases the itching and redness on both palms and ears and Lachesis reduces skin sensitivity, so it solves the problem of burning and swelling. Mercuriussolubilis is great with violent itching, redness and swelling on hands and in ears.

Frequently used in homeopathy, Urtica Urens – also known as Nettle – is renowned for fighting against skin inflammations and reducing itchiness. Apart from being heavily used to treat urticaria, Urtica Urens also diminishes fever and soothes muscles pain. Included in the composition of this homeopathic medicine, this natural compound will curate urticaria and accelerate the healing of tissues.

Ichthyolum is the perfect combination between some of the ingredients mentioned above and can diminish inflammation and pain. At the same time, it has antiseptic effects on skin and mucus membrane.

Rhus Tox – or Rhus Toxicodendron is the scientific name of poison ivy, this plant that causes allergic reactions in most people. Yet scientists have discovered that if you administer tiny amounts of this compound to patients, they will enhance their resistance against allergens and urticaria will appear less frequently. As a consequence, OxyHives will treat skin rash and even prevent the occurrence of urticaria, regardless the allergens.

All you need to do is spray Oxyhives two or three times a day under the tongue and you are ready to go.

Side effects of OxyHives

This homeopathic product is manufactured using only the purest ingredients extracted from nature. As a consequence, this drug will not cause any negative or unwanted side effects. Other allergy treatments – prescribed medicines – can trigger adverse effects such as stomach pain, headaches, fast or uneven heart rate, hyperactivity, dry mouth or extreme fatigue. Yet OxyHives is completely safe and risk-free if it is used accordingly to instructions.

If you skip a dose, do not take extra medicine to make up the dose you just missed. Just use OxyHives as soon as you remember and remember not to overdose. The ingredients can cause allergic reactions if this homeopathic product is not taken as recommended.

Does OxyHives really work?

As most reviews and opinions expressed via forums show, Oxyhives is a highly effective product which has the power to fight any rash, regardless of the area where it appears.

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Plenty of clients who have tried Oxyhives have stated that it is effective and there are no reported side effects. As a result, this product can be used on the whole body, no matter where the problem occurs. Oxyhives can fight both types of hives –acute and chronic- and can eradicate all symptoms.

Consumer reviews

Thousands of consumers have already ordered and used this natural homeopathic treatment and more than 90% of them were satisfied with the results achieved. OxyHives is one of the most efficient products and has the ability to deliver fast relief because the compounds are quickly absorbed into the body. The excipients transport the active compounds to the targeted area and the inflammation is reduced within minutes to hours.

Even the consumers who experience chronic urticaria with hives that last for days noticed that this powerful medicine offers considerable effects. Their hives disappeared sooner than usually and itchiness and redness were slighter than before. Used as treatment, for several months in a row, this natural product will reduce the allergic reaction to its minimum and even prevent the re-occurrence of hives, as stated by numerous OxyHives consumer reviews.

How to keep allergies under control

Most allergic people would tell you it is impossible. But controlling allergies and even preventing the symptoms is easy if you use the proper treatment to deal with this health problem. If some patients prefer to use prescribed medications, others seek for natural treatments to eliminate hives and relieve the discomfort caused by them. Yet patients should put into balance the advantages and disadvantages offered by each one of these categories.

Prescribed medicines might enjoy a better reputation and are often recommended by doctors more often than natural treatments, but the compounds included in their formula will not be fully assimilated by the body. A little amount of them will be deposited in the liver and they will also cause unwanted side effects.


Loratadine, budesonide and corticosteroids are only some of the substances included in prescribed drugs for allergic reactions. These products reduce the strength of immune system and reduce the intensity of the symptoms, but they will not address to the primary cause of allergy. In addition to this, patients who will take these medicines are likely to experience adverse effects such as dry mouth, headaches, stomach pain and even inability to drive vehicles.

Because OxyHives targets what causes the reaction, it will prevent the occurrence of hives and keep allergy under control. Some of its ingredients play the role to deliver the active compounds to the targeted area, while others offer relief and soothe the symptoms. Yet considering that hives appear when histamine is released by the body, OxyHives was manufactured to hinder the production of this chemical.

Natural remedies for hives

A great number of natural remedies can offer relief to patients affected by hives. Even from the simplest cold compress to intricate recipes using various herbs, people can alleviate their problem at home, with ingredients from their pantry or fridge. Is your skin itchy? Apply some apple cider vinegar and it will cool it instantly. Is all your body irritated and inflamed because of skin rash? Add some baking soda and ground oatmeal in your bathtub and soak in the warm water for 20 minutes. The effects will soon be noticed and you will feel better.

Ginger has powerful antihistamine properties and relieves inflammations caused by skin rash. The chemical components of Ginger target the enzymes and genes that cause the skin inflammation, thus this natural remedy will do wonders for those who are frequently affected by allergies. In case you need a powerful anti-inflammatory to accelerate healing of tissues, grab some Aloe Vera and apply it on the skin affected.

If some ingredients must be applied externally to deliver the results expected, others must be ingested in order to relieve swelling, diminish itchiness and soothe pain. Take 300 milligram capsules of Nettle or consider ingesting Turmeric pills, these two natural ingredients are very efficient against urticaria and other allergic reactions.

How to use OxyHives

Unfortunately, hives do not occur on schedule. Itching and burning sensations appear suddenly, and many times when you least expect it. You cannot carry Aloe Vera gel or baking soda in your vacation. But if you will pack your OxyHives bottle, you will ensure a hives-free vacation and memorable photographs with you smiling instead of obsessively thinking about how to scratch your skin rash.

Hives effects on men and women

Use this homeopathic medicine as soon as possible after the occurrence of hives if you want to obtain a fast response. However, doctors recommend using OxyHives as treatment, to regulate the immune system so it will no longer respond exaggeratedly when getting in contact with the allergen. This natural homeopathic medicine works best if used regularly, and especially one month before the allergy season. Depending on what causes you the occurrence of hives, you must use this product daily to reduce the incidence of allergic reactions and ensure a stress-free life.

Should you buy OxyHives?

One of Oxyhives’ greatest disadvantages is that it cannot be bought from local pharmacies, but this downside can quickly turn into an advantage for those who want to make sure that they purchased the authentic product. As a result, it is better to buy Oxyhives directly from manufacturers, not only because you will be ensured of the product’s authenticity, but also because you will receive discounts depending on the packages selected.

Oxyhives has gained ground on the market thanks to the fact that it has no reported side effects, which means that prospective clients can use this product regardless of the area where hives appear. Therefore, it is safe to say that this product is not only effective, but also 100% safe.

Still, Oxyhives’ greatest benefit is the fact that results are immediate, which determines people to buy it to the detriment of other products of the same kind.