What triggers hives?

When your body has an allergic reaction it produces various forms of lesions on the surface of your skin.

These are commonly known as hives and are represented by red bumps, itchy welts and sore rashes. There are many allergens that lead to the appearance of urticaria symptoms and they differ from one person to another. Many times, the exact cause is hard to identify. If you have recently witnessed a similar inflammation on your skin, but you do not know what triggered it, this article will help you clear that mystery.

Food allergies that lead to hives

What triggers hivesFood is the most common cause for urticaria. Ingredients like peanuts, shellfish, dairy products and strawberries can lead to the appearance of hives in various stages. For some people, these welts surface in small numbers and they disappear in just a few days. Other individuals may struggle with breathing issues, severe inflammations and large plaques that cover their skin. If you are allergic to certain products and you find yourself in any of these situations apply OxyHives immediately to the irritated areas. This cure for welts and rashes has a quick remedial action that prevents the body from swelling any further.

Welts related to animal fur

No matter how much you love animals, if you are allergic to their fur it is better that you do not have them as pets. Otherwise, you will constantly suffer from an itchy nose, watery eyes and a multitude of welts that cover your body. Urticaria is a common side effect of allergy to cats or dogs and sufferers are advised to stay away from these animals. If you struggle with the same condition, you must have a bottle of OxyHives with you at all times. You can never know when you enter the home of a pet-owner and the last thing you want is an eruption of hives on your face to ruin the first impression.

Chemically-triggered urticaria

Your immune system might seem overprotective when it develops hives at every contact with a chemical compound. If you are constantly marred by allergies, you should always read the labels of the medication drugs you are taking. Urticaria can be the result of an allergic reaction that your body has for certain synthetic compounds found in modern medicine. To avoid this issue it is recommended that you always use homeopathic remedies that have a 100% natural composition. OxyHives is one of the few products that have a full organic formula and which treats welts without any side effects.

Non-allergic causes for hives

If you have never been allergic to anything in your life but you have suddenly developed hives all over your skin, it is very likely that you are suffering from stress-induced urticaria. Your body may respond differently to emotional or physical distress. If you have been under a lot of pressure lately, the welts and rashes on your skin are the way your immune system signals that you are heading for complete burnout.

Try to change your lifestyle by finding and eliminating the stress triggers. Next, use OxyHives as a daily remedy for the red bumps and plaques generated by urticaria.