How an underactive thyroid causes hives

Urticaria is a medical condition that manifests through welts or wheals that appear on your skin. Commonly produced by an allergic reaction, these hives can also be the result of an underactive thyroid gland. The organ that is responsible for hormone production acts as a gateway of your immune system. Once it stops working correctly, it leaves the doors wide open to a possible infection.

Underactive thyroid can cause hives

Traditionally, hives have been known as a result of an allergy to one or more of the following factors:

  • Food
  • Medication
  • Insect Bites
  • Clothing
  • Stress
  • Extreme cold or hot temperatures
  • Extended exposure to sunlight
  • Pregnancy

If you have developed urticaria, and none of the above causes match your condition, you might want to check how your thyroid gland is functioning. A simple medical exam will reveal if this organ produces the necessary quantity of hormones for chemical balance in your body.

Your doctor will most likely give you a treatment to boost your thyroid into full action and gradually heal hypothyroidism. However, getting rid of the hives on your skin will not be as easy as it seems, if you leave them untreated or if you use the wrong remedy. Read on to find out how to cure thyroid-induced welts and restore the natural glow to your skin:

Apply OxyHives regularly

Now that your thyroid gland is up and running again, you need to address the hives problem on your body. Your best choice is to use the most efficient solution for urticaria on the market: OxyHives. Experienced dermatologists have developed this topical lotion from herbal extracts and natural ingredients only.

OxyHives is a mix of organic acids, vitamins and minerals stop the wheals from expanding and itching from the very first application. Regular use restores the natural complexion of your skin and increases your immunity against future outbreaks of urticaria.

Since its release, OxyHives has won the appreciation of thousands of users who have successfully cured their welts quickly and naturally. Because it is an entirely organic remedy for hives, this over the counter medicine cannot produce any adverse side effects. Its positive effects have convinced many consumers to rate it as the safest and easiest way to treat urticaria at home.

Avoid chemical treatments

Welts are a sign that your body is facing a possible danger. During the outbreak period, it releases a large quantity of histamine in your blood, which eventually appears on the skin as the red, itchy wheals. According to medical studies, the most common way of treating this problem is by taking a remedy rich in antihistamines. However, most of such treatments available on the market are heavily infused with chemicals, which may have a negative impact both on your hives and on your hypothyroidism.

Fortunately, OxyHives is a chemical-free cure for urticaria that you can use without putting your health in danger. The entirely organic composition that attacks hives and forces them to disappear is perfectly safe to use regularly. In fact, long-term treatment will keep your skin shiny and bright, while preventing the welts from making a sudden and undesired reappearance.