Differences between hives and ordinary insect bites

Many people confuse insect bites with allergic reactions like hives and welts. While some stings from certain bugs can lead to long-lasting rashes, they should not be considered as dangerous as an abnormal increase of histamine in the blood.

Urticaria is a medical condition that creates large patches of red sores across the skin. Some of the bumps that appear with this allergic reaction are of various sizes and give an irresistible rash. The same itchy sensation can be experienced when you are stung by bees, bed bugs or fleas. This is why they are often mistaken for each other. The good news is that a homeopathic medicine like OxyHives can offer a cooling relief for the burning feeling provided by both irritations.

How you become covered in hives

When your body comes in contact with a possible virus your immune system triggers the release of more histamine in your blood. This chemical compound functions as a news agent that advises you to stay away from a possible allergen found in food or in medication. When histamines surface the skin they create small bumps, also known as hives. These annoying welts usually appear on your neck, on your hands and even on your feet.

To get rid of them you have to use a powerful formula of herbal extracts with anti-inflammatory properties. OxyHives contains the most effective composition of this kind and can diminish urticaria symptoms in just a few days of treatment.

Why ordinary insect bites are different

Hives and ordinary insect bitesThe difference between bug bites and hives is fairly simple. Insect stings usually affect a single area and the skin marks do not change position or expand, unless you are further exposed to the same bug attack. Urticaria plaques may affect several areas of your body and they could even disappear from your hands only to appear on your neck a few days later. Also, if they are left untreated, welts can remain on your skin for months in a row. Stings from bed bugs, bees, fleas or mosquitoes usually retreat and disappear after just a few days.

The only thing that both inflammations have in common is the burning sensation that forces the sufferer to scratch uncontrollably. Thanks to a reputable team of doctors, both irritations can be cured faster with the use of OxyHives. Their many years of research have led to the creation of one of the most powerful cures for itching sores on the market.

Urticaria lasts longer than bug stings

People who have suffered from urticaria know that this medical condition follows them for months and even years. Some of them have grown accustomed to the hives that cover their skin and consider them as irreversible scars. Fortunately, insect bites do not last for that long and your immune system quickly combats them.

The only problem with bug stings appears in the warm season when you are exposed to more possible attacks from insects. If you are stung by several bugs in a short period of time, the resulting sores may look like welts and their constant itch gives you the illusion of suffering from an allergic reaction. The main benefit of using OxyHives on a regular basis is that it cures urticaria scars and offers a relief for the overpowering rashes that accompany insect bites.