How to deal with an urticaria breakout

Urticaria appears in the form of red bumps on your skin, which are commonly known as hives. These plaques cause itching, and their swollen shapes make the bearer feel uncomfortable or even diseased. The most prevalent reason for their appearance is an allergic reaction that your body has to various natural elements or substances.

If you have noticed pale patches or welts breaking out on your skin, you should know that there are several quick ways to get rid of them. However, keep in mind that failing to treat them in time can result in an urticaria breakout all over your body. In extreme cases, hives can also infect your internal organs causing severe respiratory problems.

How to treat urticaria breakout

Here is how to deal with hives, welts and other forms of urticaria patches on your skin:

Use herbal medicine

Clinical studies suggest that the first step to curing hives is preventing it. However, since the wheals have already taken over your skin, you can skip that stage and determine their origin. As soon as you discover what caused the welts to appear, you have to avoid it by all means, whether it is a substance, a type of food or animal hair.

The next step is essential in treating an urticaria breakout is applying a potent remedy for welts. In this regard, you cannot do better than OxyHives. According to clinical tests and user reviews, this is the no.1 treatment for hives on the market. Early applications prevent the plaques from spreading and offer quick and soothing relief from the burning sensation of patches on your skin.

OxyHives is developed from natural ingredients only. It is a formula of organic extracts, vitamins, and minerals that calms the skin and reduces the swellings. Regular use restores natural complexion and prevents future outbreaks.

Apply cold compresses

If you ran out of OxyHives in your medicine cabinet, you could use cold compresses to soothe the irritation caused by urticaria. One of the essential rules in curing welts is avoiding hot water or excessive clothing. As long as you keep things cool around you, the plaques will stop advancing, and the swellings will reduce in size.

Take long, soaking baths

A somehow effective cure for urticaria that you can try at home is taking long, soaking baths. For this remedy, you will need a bathtub full of lukewarm water, to which you can add baking soda. A handful of this powder will create an anti-itching solution that will relieve you from the burning sensation.

Keep in mind that this method of treating welts is only efficient in the short term, and your inflamed skin will soon grow immune to the soothing effect of warm water and baking soda.

Rub Aloe Vera on the hives

Aloe Vera essence is one of the most effective plant extracts that you can use to treat urticaria plaques. This plant has potent anti-inflammatory properties and renowned quick-healing abilities. OxyHives contains a significant amount of Aloe Vera, which in combination with the other herbal extracts and minerals create a reliable and efficient treatment for hives outbreaks. Apply the topical lotion on the welts regularly, and you should notice the first improvements within the early days of treatment.